Please note: A phone complimentary consultation lasts aprox 30 min and is used as a foundation for your visit. You may always choose to book a session without a complimentary consultation. If you do, a full one hour session will occur, and payment will be expected. Thank you.

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 The first session is basically continuing on from our phone consultation if you requested to begin by consulting with me. When we discuss during a complimentary phone consultation, I am listening and will ask easy questions. The first session is used to discuss and further decide upon the steps we will take together to address the issue that is plaguing you the most. I will design a tailored strategy that is geared just for you. We will immediately start finding your way back to your life, or if your not sure what that is, determine your best life desired. During our consultation if chosen, you will give me a better idea of how to go about assisting you. I guarantee you will feel heard. It will feel good to talk about it. You will not be judged, or categorized. Instead, you are respected, you are important, valued, and our conversation remains private. All sessions and phone consultations are always private and remain that way.