I'm Unique too!

I approach you on the individual level. I hope you will also do that for me. I am a double master in neuro linguistic practitioner, and have studied how our brain functions, worked with emotional behavior, possess mindfulness based knowledge, use principles of hypnosis and much more experience to offer you, but does this define me or my practice? I have taken the best approach from what I have learned from these resources, and before I decided to use the knowledge for another person, I tested various principles and strategies on my own neurology first.  From the success I realized personally, I then determined that it could be modeled, to become useful to also help others. The strategies. principles, and techniques designed and integrated into working tools to utilize and resonate on a personal level become extremely transformational.  There is no other therapy clinical or otherwise, that is like my interpretation of these life building skills.

I have been told by my clients that I am easy going, have a good- nature, and appear non-threatening because they feel very free and comfortable to discuss most anything with me without judgement. I take this as a compliment, and also as a skill that I come by naturally. It is extremely important that you feel comfortable in order to have the work become successful. I really listen to you, and make seeking assistance easy not rigid and boring. I may seem serious, but I do my best to add some humor in there as well when appropriate.

I work with people from all walks of life. Straight, gay, single, married, athletic, weight issues, high achievers, the "average" person, to those seeking ongoing support from addictions, and so much more. Some clients find value just to have someone listen, and not work on their personal issues at all. Just being heard is what was important to them. We all have stories. Stories are what make us who we are. That may sound strange to you, but sometimes we all need an impartial ear to bounce ideas off. It is my pleasure to be here for you. I go about changing the stigma around finding or seeking assistance. You could have gone anywhere, but instead you are choosing me to assist you. I will do my absolute best to provide what you need from Neuro Linguistic Programming. I go further to be certain you absolutely are able to understand the principles and strategies we are working with. Whatever your reason for searching, and most importantly, if you have been disappointed in other types of therapy or self directed programs, it is my hope and my pleasure to work with you to reach and achieve what you desire for your life. Let's try something different together that sticks. Find the courage to step out of your past and into the future you are willing to create.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better way of living! Complimentary consultation provides a great opportunity to feel comfortable asking any questions ...
30 min

"We are creatures of habit. The practice of Neuro Linguistic Programming interrupts the habit that put your mind on automatic. While what arises in our mind is somewhat random and out of control, we DO have the control over how long we wallow, or choose what thoughts are worthy of us to dwell upon."

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