My Service Offerings


It's easy to work with me. The conversation will be light, as its my belief that the work to be done is not in the past, so there is no long commitment to reliving past experiences unless they are part of what is not serving you today and needs to be processed. Even then, we only take from the past what is important. We want to build on life skills you have already acquired from living life and bring them to the forefront to speed along results. Our sessions are online through a secure telemedicine platform and is HIPPA compliant. Which means you are protected from personal information leaking out about our sessions or your private information. The sessions are one hour in length 


Phone sessions are light and easy to work with. The description is the same as a virtual session with the exception of being by phone. The session will last one hour in length. It is important that you are able to talk where you feel safe. I can control my environment, but not yours. Many clients prefer a phone session if they feel shy, or cannot find a safe place for computer use. Sometimes clients travel and find using their phone is the best option for them. Others enjoy integrating both virtual and phone sessions as the wish which is always available for you


Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that we may choose to use at times to benefit single focused issues such as smoking. If you are seeking hypnosis alone, or if you are unsure schedule a complimentary consultation to determine the best approach. Its not uncommon to choose hypnosis to gain deeper work. The benefits hypnosis provides for wellness are great. I suggest we speak first through a consultation to discover how hypnosis may assist before you schedule an actual session for hypnosis unless of course, you are certain this is what you want and need.


You may have taken an NLP course before, or earned certificates which provided initials and important sounding letters behind your name. Or you may have spent lots of money on hiring mentors only to be shattered by the truth that it was less than what you expected leading to paradoxical frustration. Despite the knowledge you have acquired you probably never actually turned your direction to become an expert on yourself first. I am not suggesting that you know little. Instead, I suspect you know quite a lot. The trouble is, did your prior training include how to begin to use the beauty of the information and turn it into action?  Without action, knowledge is just sitting in the conscious mind. Master yourself by building your own model of expertise instead of becoming someone else's program and realize how that is possible for you. The Life Strategist coursework is fantastic at putting to use what you have already learned elsewhere, but did not feel comfortable or completely understand how to implement the strategies. It could also be that you desire to learn more in order for success to happen. Although I mention former training, there is no pre-requisite needed in order to take this course. This course is thorough from the processing of thought to achieving results.  Be able to commit to ten fascinating one hour live instruction classes virtually. This course is epic mind training designed for individual personal training or small group instruction


There is nothing lost but your time when you choose a complimentary consultation. We will talk and discuss which services will serve you best. There is never a push or obligation. I want you to feel comfortable with the choices you make. Its important to your success. There is nothing better than making an informed decision. It's a great way to ask questions, and get to know me. We all know that if it feels unsure, nothing changes. You will enjoy the time spent in consulting with me. Please allow 30 minutes for this service. Our visit will be conducted by phone securely