Emotionally Free
It is with great honor that I write this testimonial for Davidene Bender-Main MNLP. Over the years I tried several modalities in an attempt to resolve the issue of fear in my life. With the sound guidance and facilitation by Davidene, I have been able to move through some major recurring issues in my life without having to share uncomfortable issues to do this. My life has definately become more peaceful and I am a happier person. Ihave gained a sense of empowerment through NLP, knowing now that I have the source to work through any emotional issue.
D.L Yoga Instructor
Charlotte NC

From Zero to Business
I took a big risk when I decided to use Phenix NLP. I had read a lot about NLP, but kept telling myself that it was just another program, or that someone devised a new self-development program. I was virtually broke, and hard headed to change, but I knew something had to change because this was just not working. I felt burned out on my job. Davidene helped me to find that hope was there, so I took a chance spending what little money I had left on the fast track to excellence program. I am happy to say that she was able to work with me every step of the way, and when something came up to stop the process in me, we would also stop until we were able to define and virtually knock out the block. I had nothing left but to choose to excel. Real empowerment that is still with me and I feel will always be there from now on because there is no going back to broke for me. I'm so glad I found her. What a different way to face conflict and put an empowered face over it! Eternally grateful! 
 E. Mahon



Hello Davidene
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Review: Davidene has been such a great help and she's so good at NLP. The 60 minutes session was absolutely great. It was the best 60 minutes that I have ever invested in. She let me explain everything that I possibly wanted to say and patiently listened to each bit. She explained me how its important for me to take care of own self. Her techniques were simple but so very effective. We even did a little exercise during the session which was great! Her experience and understanding of human psychology is brilliant. She's even given me a little homework to do to decrease my stress levels. Dear Davidene, Thank you so much for this session! You have been of great help! Appreciate every bit of it. :)

N.H  Business Owner


In the 6 months that you worked with me, I have:
  • Met the love of my life
  • Lost 18 pounds
  • Devised multiple strategies in creating meaningful work
  • Visited Seattle, Bangkok, and Costa Rica, with plans to visit NYC, Napa Valley, and Austrailia in the works
  • Read multiple books
  • Saved $20,0000
  • Seen the world in a different light
Davidene, I want you to know that I have thought about you and the healing you have given me. The value of peace and happiness in my life is in the six figures. In other words, if I knew ahead of time the way my life would be after our experience working together, I would have been willing to take out a six figure loan to do it! You can quote me on this!​
W. McWilliams
Raleigh NC

Class was life changing!

The best investment into myself that I have ever made. I registered for the "own your future self" course Davidene offered. I must confess my life is totally different now because I immersed into the content with an open mind. I have always had difficulty expressing myself confidently and my self-esteem was shattered. I am more confident then ever now. I found the clarity and direction even I did not realize possible based on the limits I set on myself. The training even helped me relate better to my family. It is worth the time and the money. 

Phil D. 

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