Surprise! You're being controlled

Are we really being discounted as humans?

We are followers as human beings, and we love to compare ourselves. I wonder what you would feel like if you felt that your family, friends, relatives, partners, and company were programmed by an unseen force while involved in a coordinated effort to gain complete control of information fed to us daily by technology? Would you be upset?

We know that in psychology we have heard human behavior comes from information received, and that if we decide to believe the information, it then becomes valuable to our well being. Repetition of information goes on to begin to form new habits and behaviors running on autopilot after time. Information whether it arrives as an experience personally, or is in our face constantly for instance, on the news or in advertisements, or let's go one step further on social media we begin to react by believing which eventually may change our behavior, and eventually may even affect our personality.

Whatever information we received begins to create shadows of information often used to make decisions for our lives.

When we get deeper than political jargon and begin to understand how the web brings to us an understanding about how the reality works, they really do not want us to know what is really going on. Much is speculation. News reporters, advertisers etc. know and understand how the mind works and how psychology works in their favor. They even monitor what we are reading online these days, or what we are paying attention to. It begins to become manipulated. This is when our unique perceptions of the many of we, begin to drive dividing and ruling. The control of our perceptions following the information becomes real once you begin to accept and realize that you just can't seem to put down your smartphone or tablet. If you say you can and you do, chances are great that you will soon pick it up again. Why? You are addicted to the controlled technology. OK. Seems too far fetched? Go ahead and test it. When you really honestly think about it, are you truly in control of that little object in your hand, or it controlling you? Now go deeper. How many times per day are you on Facebook, Google and so on? Be honest. Yes! I think you will come into agreement that the central pillar of human society is now irreversible.

What you probably never thought about is the grand scheme of things. Amazon, Twitter, etc are not all going to be what they always planned to be. The gatekeeper on information that people will see is removed because human perception is increasingly being narrowed down. Scaled down on purpose so you don't need to think so much. It is easily found online so why bother. Manipulated perceptions that you and I make decisions on for our very lives and those of our family is being used whether or not we choose to be. From my perspective, it bears some thinking about. Remember, no one can make you do anything. If you believe they can, you are being controlled on some level. Begin logically thinking for yourself with the equipment you were born with.

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