The power of self-talk, beliefs and wrong perceptions about ourselves and others.

Rejection...What does that mean exactly? This word has some weighty consequences and often stops you from achieving what is possible just by the mere mention of it. Whether this belief is coming from something you believe about self, or someone made you feel rejected. It could have many facets. Let's dispel that believe right now.

So, what is rejection anyway? Well it's a word. It is important to understand that within the complexities of our brain, some words mean more than others. For instance, if I used the word "don't" in a sentence, your brain would pay little attention and may even overlook it. If I said however, "Stop!" you would immediately find that command powerful enough to pay attention to.

Rejection. So when you have something you don't care about, are you rejecting it? Or are you just not interested in it? If you go around rejecting everything and everyone, well that sounds like it would take a lot of energy and work! However, if you find you could flip the relatable verbiage to "I'm not interested" '"They were not interested" it becomes more palatable and we are able then to move on from it without negative beliefs internalizing


Take the experience of rejection for a moment. You must realize you were not personally rejected. Your values were not compromised. No physical harm came of it. No, that person or those people were just not interested. This perception becomes easier to accept and manage now.

Rejection is not a wall, something you can hold or pick up. It is not an entity, its an idea. "as if" not real at all. What then would it be like if you now consider that you were not rejected at all? No one has the power to reject you. That's a word used for damaged manufactured goods that do not pass inspection. Not your humanness. Think about it. If you are rejected, then does that mean you will turn into dust? No. People are simply not interested in what you have to offer at the moment.

Take the power out of the word. Ask instead, "what were they not interested in?" A relationship? OK. It's not you then is it? They were just not interested in procuring a relationship further. Move on! There are more people that will be interested if you remain open and stop labeling yourself as "rejected".

The conscious mind is paying attention and will go about structuring what you are looking for. So if you are seeking rejection, you will find it. If you come from a place of understanding now, you will begin to realize words are words. Will you accept them all as

valid? Holding you back from a life of happiness all because you felt "rejected" Or is it possible in your human experience to move on with the perception that it's not always personal. They were just not interested. The latter makes sense and is obtainable. Eliminate the word rejected and replace it with "just not interested" Now, move into that perception, let it go, and move on. Live abundantly.

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