Power your phone with your energy?

Inner strength. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine that we are indeed energy. A scientific fact that you are energy. Fields of energy are easily measured by the use of Kirlian photography, and devices like the EEG to measure electric impulse of the brain. Are we moving in the direction of learning how to harness this personal power? The answer is most likely a definite "yes."

Researchers are working on a generation of wearable technology that could convert your body's energy to power our devices. You produce a lot of energy when you move around. The friction of walking for one example. With the right technology perhaps embedded in your shoes, perhaps that energy alone could be the source of charging your cellphone.

Who knows if this will become another advancement that will work but I do know that we have great energy. Your spirit, soul, or core of being is powerful and creates the process of our thoughts and source of living to create existence in the body we are living in. What is also wonderful to realize is that our consciousness has power. Your thoughts alone have great power in your life. We find great inner victories by strengthening the source within us.

The mind is powerful and their is much study around psychoneuroimmunology and the ability to use scientific demonstration of long term unity of organisms that function to maintain health of which all our systems become as if a complex but a well orchestrated biological machine. Learning more about the systems of our body to stimulate change and improve core concepts designed to stimulate change and improve our ability to become healthier internally as well.

There are reasons certain ailments and so on are beyond our control, but when we reach out to our doctor, dentist, etc we are allowing the medication, or what have you to provide the role of our feeling better. We participate little in the path as we just decide to take the pill, and so on. That is literally all we need to do. But have you ever considered all the stories that we have heard about profound health issues being healed by taking an active role into doing so? There is a real good feeling that comes from going to someone that is an expert in the field to "fix" us. Our participation is low. This is all wonderful with regards and great respect to those that are in the field of caring for us. However, do we begin to pull away and take a more passive role to our personal well being at times.

I have noticed that many of my clients once changing their mindset about certain patterns in their life, have been successful at choosing a healthier outcome and the body listens. Some clients with chronic fatigue have been helped by finding the underlying trigger of what is driving the emotional pain that is manifesting in the body. Thus the ability to bravely move past the root cause of it. Others choosing to be free of vices or behaviors then come to realize the body is able to heal and become healthier by changing the relationship to the powerful triggers that have kept them in bondage activating for them the astonishing self-healing mechanism necessary to see the results they wish to realize.

There are countless stories along with research as well, that suggests our mind-body relationship is a fundamental unity of the very organisms that interact for our overall health. Beliefs, perceptions, and so on play a part in the interconnected relationship that exists between our physical, neurological, and psychological patterns that run on the unconscious level. It is already known that we can have a direct influence on these patterns. It will be fascinating to see what occurs when we begin to explore more about ourselves, our potential for wealth of healthier living influenced by our mind that drives the need to test every drug and the effects of. We know the placebo effect has shown that sometimes tricking the mind into thinking the pill is the answer has some effectiveness. It comes with the expectation of improvement, not just adjustments of brain chemistry. I am ready to find out more about the power of us. Are you?

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