Needs and Wants

It is ageless and hard to figure out sometimes what we really need from life. There is after all lots of input from others that point you in the direction of what you really should be needing. From there we make assumptions that are more than likely ego based and far from the reality of what you really need in life.

There really is only one thing that you truly need in life beside basic needs. Love. It all begins inside.

Love is one emotion that is quite important to our wellbeing. It is the only one true emotion that we truly use in order for our cells to grow and thrive upon.

Stanford University researched overseas orphanages of which food, warmth, and safety in environment were met. diapers were being changed, and healthcare was provided. All of the basic needs were being met. So what was the resulting evidence from this study? Love was missing. Growth was actually stunted because the orphans were not being hugged much if at all, nor kissed. Physical touch only came in the form of necessities such as feeding or changing, bathing and so on. The children had problems including mental issues, autism, and other signs developmental issues. Children with increased cortisol stress from separation of family creates unhealthy returns for the children.

You are not a victim of your genes. What you feel you need to do in order to survive, and not just survive but actually thrive matters greatly. If you live in fear, the body listens and feels the stress that goes on to attack the growth of your cells. You could become sick and mentally lacking in intelligence levels.

The point is that in society today, we focus on lacking. What we cannot do. The can't cannot win. Well, its time to stop succumbing to the fears of failure and regrets of the past because you simply do not live there. The only place you are alive is in the present moment. The great news is that you can and will change your system of belief if you want to bad enough. Yes you must totally want to make these changes and commit to the work of implementing the changes much of which is cerebral. Learning to overcome all of the cant's that plaque your mind clouding wonderful conscious decision making. Your ego no doubt, has succeeded in helping you change the way you look at yourself compared to others. What is important to remember here is that you look differently to others than you appear to yourself. Do you hide behind the mask of who you should be compared to who you truly are? You may have an false sense of reality and its about time to change that, wouldn't you agree? The potential to live an amazing life is there hidden deep within. Discover it. Take some time to really explore how you truly want to live more fully. Now, decide to enable yourself to take the steps to change what needs changing and push forward the great learnings you have already acquired but may not realize you have. You have built skillful ways of living in the positive sense. You have some great tools that you use to get you to the place where you are today. Yes, it is in there. Find these strengths and reconnect with that part of you. Take out the garbage and decide to begin to live differently. Hold on, I can hear it already coming from you. "He said, she said, they said, and I can't because." Who are these people in your head? Do they really exist in there? Why do they have so much power? Is there really a wall that is stopping you? If there is no more wall of self-doubt, what would you decide to do then my friend?

When you begin to allow the cant's the power to take over and it causes you to stop yourself as a result from what you truly want for your life, then it's time to make different decisions. You do have the power to think differently and change only the aspects of yourself that impact the ability to achieve a closer reality to what you both need and want.

With all this talk that one hears about power of mind, how do you change your mind to reclaim what is truly yours in the first place? For example, abundance for life, goals to achieve, and the ability to accomplish this is what people like us read about constantly. They are found within the pages of self-help titles for books everywhere. They are designed to get you thinking about things differently, but if you do not put these ideas into motion to make concrete changes, the knowledge is still sitting upon that bookshelf in the conscious mind and nothing changes.

Ancient wisdom, and desire can be utilized to untie the shoelace and open the mind to new opportunities. Forget about all the confusing information from books and seminars and begin to listen to what is going on in your mind. Your senses help you experience life and there is a subconscious mind that keeps pretty good record of all those events. Getting back to the true self that you were born with may seem too difficult to reach. This part of the mind communicates differently than the conscious mind. However, when you find that super evolving conscious mind, that is where your creative mind lives and the most intimate and phenomenal life experiences can happen. Limitless living.

In our culture, we are pretty routine. We rise, go to work or school, listen to television, play with technology, and go to bed. Repeat. It's not a growth state of mind. Where we put our focus is where we go with our thoughts. Habits, traditions, and dogmatic beliefs have managed to turn us into following what we determine is a predetermined path. Our family lives this way, our neighbors too. We were programmed growing up into thinking this is all there is.

The fantastic news is that this programming can be broken simply by thinking differently. It is in our hands to transform and grow. Really, that's what we are meant to do, evolve! We are then able to allow ourselves to consider self-love, and go on to offer love in various forms to others we meet along the path of our life. It is always a decision for your life that your are making. We must create the courage to feel and act upon our heart to be able to think and act differently than before, which will lead us to feeling fulfilled, celebrated, joyful and in love with our lives which creates great joy and playfulness. Find your inner compass by loving yourself first. Then express love to others by your words, a simple smile, or any type of service to assist others that may not be as evolved, knowledgeable, or touched by the experience of self-love as you have become accustomed to growing by empathy and compassion with less judgements.

Deprogramming is possible allowing freedom of mind. This is the only time I will allow comparisons. Look around you. Observe how most people are deciding to live. They force themselves to wake up early, get to work or school, dress up, drive to the workplace, spend 8 plus hours of your life doing something most hate, drive back home, and then spend time looking at more ways to feel tremendously lacking, unloved, and other people have decided what is wrong or right for us on the internet or social media. So that we decide and validate even more that there is lacking and suffering, suppression and nothing to feel good about.

When we were growing up as children, we started giving away our power. We were taught the principles of living and surviving. Authority commanded what we thought, feel and do.

While much of these basic principles kept us safe and created some responsibility for ourselves, we at the same time began to let others take responsibility for our lives.

Society allows us to listen greatly to corrupt politicians as adults, who do little more than to create more doubts and substantiate their own power plays to steer the general population through some illusionary smokescreen that we go on to believe with little proof revealed to us as the way to a brighter future. It is important to have a say in this, but be certain to understand why you are making the choices you are being offered to you is part of deciding what is right for you. In reality, when we are provided more pseudo type systems that are extremely limited and in essence more of the same, we tend to go with the flow which essentially is more of the same types of negativity. If we want to elicit change in the world, we need to decide who we will give power to in our lives, then take responsibility for that decision.

In addition, there really is strength in numbers and if we could form a society of people that would be interested in building a better society that serves all people, instead of a lonely percentage of the population, there would be change elicited based on truth and facts.

Start thinking about what you are exposed to and complete some research for yourself. Knowledge is power if you find the truth in what you believe, and then act upon that for yourself. Repetition will influence others to do the same as they notice the positive influence they wish to acquire for themselves. The ocean of misinformation is not always accurate. Much of which has vested interests. It is sad that the propaganda machine is filling minds with untruths and half-truths creating further confusion. Instead, it will serve you well to become better informed by finding evidence to support what you believe.

Become mindful of what you are putting in the mind as an instant belief. Use critical thinking in the correct way. Expose yourself to plenty of different sources of information so you are able to evaluate and grow a clearer mindset about the things you wish to believe in and why.

If you truly decide what you put into your body is going to be healthier than some other options, this is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and our planet. Being wiser about new input by way of changing how we think about things offers a fresh new perspective and will improve the quality of our lives by opening our eyes to further improving the mind, heart, body and soul, as we enable ourselves to better understand ourselves and others living in the world.

The present moment as mindfulness teaches us, is all there is of priority in your life at the moment. You do not live in the past, and the future is to be created by the steps you take today. Respond to and accept what is happening now, instead of unconsciously living on habitual truths created out of negative experiences. You will feel the positive effects of this, and so will your health. Stress is not sustainable. Although we all have some form of anxiety, it does not need to become the chosen way of living for us. Respond consciously, not unconsciously to decisions, and for goodness sake....Breathe! When the path is too painful, choose a new path. What? You can't see it? Come talk to me. It's in there at your core. Learning to use the difficulties in our lives to forge a new way forward is powerful. However you find meaningful information, know why you believe what you do. Then, find the how to get to that destination by believing you can and you will. After all, your life just isn't for sale anymore.

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