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I am that

Updated: Mar 29

What are you aware of right now as you read this title? Do you feel a sense of strength as in total belief of "what you see is what you get and you are happy with that?" Or are there some adjustments or changes to be made and that then will be who you perceive yourself to be. What you think, and pay attention to is where your focus follows to create the reality you live.

Are you your brain and that is all there is to it? It may seem that this concept is an easier way to manage how we are feeling so that any improvement can be dealt with another day. It also may be creating the "this is all there is to life feeling nothing can be done about it." Well, here's some news for you. If you are growing and evolving, not stagnating things are changing. Every day. You ARE NOT your brain. You are however, the CEO of your brain. It is the control center of your thoughts, behaviors and emotions essentially the program you are now running internally. Billions of cells connecting in milliseconds running internal programs beginning at chronological age 0 and the programing continues to around age 7. Yes....seven! After that, it has been your choice as to what you decided to believe, perceive, and have decided to internalize which then crafted your behavior responses and personality.

We have a marvelous brain that contains parts of which have many different distinct functions. When you were being programmed (ages 0-7) you had little amount of conscious mind. You learned quickly what your needs were from your parents. Most of your brainwave was in theta, which is were we became hypnotized. The subconscious was delighted to begin the sensory experience of living in the world. What happened then is what helped create the "I am" that you are today. Whatever good, bad, and unknown that happened to us externally began the programing of the internal systems at alarming rates. We began to model our much larger parents recognizing their faces with great clarity within a very short time.

The good news is you are still creating. Neuroplasticity is alive and well. The story of you is still open for editing without closure until you cease to exist. No matter where you have been, or how old you are today, you have the power to begin to improve the story of you.

You are the hero of your journey and there is a call to adventure if you are listening to your now wonderfully creative conscious mind.

Just because I use the metaphor, hero don't assume it's all fantasy. Although much of life is created. There are effective structures to our story of living. Much drama also. The hero responds to a crisis at times. Accepting the call and finding your own internal and external representational resources in order to enter unknown, and possibly uncharted parts of your life that you never thought you would be able to get through. But you did. How? Because your beautiful mind found the resources. Not always the evidence. What we don't stop to think about is the evidence is not outside of ourselves. We slip into the subconscious, habitual, conditioning to look for the way to create the answer we need to happen. In a sense, we must become it in order to draw it close to us. We are sensory beings.

The term "enlightenment" arises only in the mind of we humans. Everything in the universe has no other way of being; but to be just "that." You could stand with lots of other people in the same location and look out across the landscape of a beach, mountaintop, or grassy field. No two people will experience the exact same. It is in the illusion of the mind that we create suffering and also dreams. If you want to have a mystical experience, you must become the mystic. If you wish to have great love in your life, you must become the love of your life in order to experience it fully.

Spiritual practices will lead you to the ending of your story composition as you will find the feeling to embody and the awareness will become you. Enjoy thinking about your life and forget the idea that it lies somewhere else like a dog chasing it's tail. That's external linear living as if some sort of plan is at work, and you have nothing more to add. The reality is what you see is not always what you get out of life. Right here right now, this is your consciousness. How do you wish to use the resources available to you? To reach the deeps of deeper experiences while you are living here in this plane of existence, is to practice the states of mind that may be universal but the meanings complex. There is a difference between the perspectives of Western and Eastern thinkers. Westerner's sought happiness by analyzing external factors while Eastern thinkers gave prominence to the inner being when seeking happiness. There is a thread that is found in the sources of each to attempt to avoid human suffering and attain happier sensory experiences. When you are deciding to do the work of exploring deeper levels of consciousness, you may feel like nothing is happening, but how can you be sure? How do you know that nothing is changing? The evidence again is not on the outside. It's happening in the brain and in the heart. Meditation for instance is a practice. You begin to embody the feeling it brings to you through the experience. You may begin to notice that you are walking differently as a more mystical person when you walk from the car to buy groceries, you may begin to notice how you greet others feels differently now as the perspective has changed some towards humanity. Don't be too hard on yourself if you do not experience what you think you should feel as you are as if a newborn into the practice with all of your sensory antenna up to bring the experience to you. Eventually, you will become worthy of the experience and deciding to live in a new way with new perspectives and beliefs, something happens. Data shows something not only happens in the brain but also in the heart. The new experience of living that occurs inside the body now becomes their biology. The body believes it is now living in a completely different reality, life or future improving conditions from the inside out.

For centuries of research it is resolved that happiness is a state of mind. Although a universal mind, but a mind also with complexities and ambiguity. The self is different from the body and is connected through neurology. Knowledge consists of a dual combination of experience and consciousness. The story of our lives is deeply implanted in the subconscious mind and a witness to all experiences.

Bliss can be described as any happiness we feel after achieving or feeling something which provides a glimpse into unlimited true nature of self. We humans tend to over analyze and compare ourselves. We are sensory beings with antenna up all the time connected to cells recording memories like the simple bliss of walking in a gentle warm rain and how that felt on the skin. We are consciousness and as such we are capable and able to experience life fully on many levels.

The universal mind is open to everything, and closed to nothing. As pure consciousness, you are a part of this greater whole. Oneness with the entire universe. There are people from diverse and different backgrounds who have come to realize this truth more and more each day. As well as much forward seeking research unfolding that is making leaps to correct science of long ago venturing into some areas of quantum physics and also in medical, while energy healing and holistic practices also begin to better understand one another. From here we begin to understand what has been around since our ancient ancestors, the difference between living with our intuition to evolving to include conscious intellect. There is no single enlightenment center in the brain, but a complex network of brain structures creating multidimensional experiences through awareness such as feelings of surrender, emotional release, and a feeling of oneness. Neuroscientist have argued that the whole brain gets involved in spiritual practices and the instrument measurements see profound improvements in heart rate. Heart coherence is real and not just a made up fad. The science is coming around to understanding and collaboratively working with what eastern thinkers understood to be true.

You are that. Human awareness. It is entirely possible that consciousness or awareness is the primary stuff of the universe. Our brain simply interacts with, and receives information from collective consciousness. How do you imagine that an idea thought of by someone quickly travels the world to reach others that it might be a great idea? Advertising cannot move that quickly for example and effect so many at once. Become curious. Once we realize our unique oneness within the whole entire universe, we become then profoundly aware.

As Sage Ashtavakra said to his disciple Janaka "You are an infinite ocean of existence, in which the universe appears, like waves appearing in the ocean. You are consciousness itself."

Persian Sufi poet, Rumi said. "I search for God and only found myself. I searched for myself and only found God."

Here is a story illustration. I would give credit for the author, but alas I have sadly lost their name. I did retain the lesson however, my apology to the author. The lesson goes like this: One day a disciple asked a teacher, "If God is existence, consciousness, and bliss, then why worship God in all forms?" The teacher did not answer. The next day, he asked the student to bring him some water. The student immediately returned with a glass of water. At this, the teacher became very upset and said to the student, "Why did you bring me a glass, I asked you for water." The student immediately understood that just as the glass and water are inseparable, the name, form, and existence are also inseparable. So it is, and so it will be. Consciousness searching for meaning.

Know then, that the body is merely a container for the soul. You are able to craft the container to make it healthier, and take care of the soul with your wonderous flexible, creative, and marvelous mind. Mind over matter. Go seek the wonder that you are. Live life, and not just through the container that houses the soul that you are.

You are that as you should be, right here, and right now. See, hear, and feel all things, external, and then define them for yourself to realize your existence is eternal. Appearing in different forms but inseparable from the greater universal mind. The experience of your story is unfolding as you read this. Decide to write the next exciting page now by choosing to live unlimited and excited to explore deeper beyond what you can see.


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