How much is your life worth?

What would you give to create a more positive desirable way of living that would not only serve you now presently, but also in the future? Positive change doesn't mean just reading positive affirmations, although if you like them this is a good way to keep the idea of positivity flowing. What really is the cost of your inaction that would otherwise take you from thinking to the results? Procrastination could be affecting your job, pride, status, business, confidence, happiness, lifestyle, relationships.

Decide not to spend anymore wasted time on someone else's idea about what your life should look like or dwelling on past experiences that do nothing but create more of the same results. Hey, it's your life by the way. If you are floundering in the "why" instead of the "how" most likely you are way off track with making anything begin to happen. Please allow me to explain. Hopefully my perspective on things will cause inspiration as you to begin contemplate what really is going on here. It has a lot to do with the "whys" "Why do I do that?" "Why do I always." "Why is it always me?" This simply means you notice that something is amiss. It does create awareness that perhaps you are not satisfied with the results of experiences or choices you made in the past and so one begins to question if there could possibly be more, or a different experience to create life better in some way so that one could envision and desire something better.

Get the idea? "How" is the word you want to seek more of. This word begins to create movement not stagnated living but evolved, empowered living.

"How does it work?" ( if you have no idea about how something works in the first place, then how after all, will you begin to repair or fix anything?) "How do I get this into my life?" ( if you have no concept about what that thing or concept is, how will you find it?) "How do learn to use my mind?" "How do I concentrate?" Yep, you're starting to get the right train of thought...Gotcha thinking! Good!

Thinking into results doesn't cost a thing once you start to create the "how." But, don't take my word for it. Become more empowered by realizing that the beautiful mind is ready to work for you! Yes. for you! Now does that mean making some changes? Well absolutely, if what you are doing now isn't working for you in all these years of living according to you, it may be time to create a new circuit board in the brain by choosing to think differently. You do upgrade your smartphone, the computer, etc. What about your brain and old ways of thinking that are obsolete? Find some joy in the process of choosing to create some necessary changes by realizing that nothing stays the same. Nothing good or bad stays the same ever! Live life in reality please. You are not just an actor participating in a movie that you are watching (remotely removed from not participating in fully.) Heck no. You are indeed the producer and the script writer! Then you become the actor/ player in the leading role of your created experience that we call life.

The principle of your words that we speak to ourselves internally has a lot to do with what we decide to believe in order to create in our personal reality. We impact our own world with these symbols of reality which represent by using perceptional filters. Then we choose to live by those very input cues. Life and death are in the tongue. "You're not good enough." change your words to reflect the first person. "I am enough." "I am confident."

Speak power words using your own language not someone else's that you may be hearing in your mind. Take back and declare your true inner identity daily. Do practice not to allow your internal system to be controlled by the overwhelming external negative influences. You are energy. You are spirit. You have the best on board computer ever invented that is capable of deleting old files and replacing them with new. Constantly this process continues until you are no longer alive. It's called neuroplasticity and your brain knows how to do this very well!

You life is worth a lot. There is no one like you. We all have the same capabilities that we are born with. No one lives life quite like you. You are pretty amazing! But if you need some help with the "how" find a qualified life strategist to help you find the path. Declare and claim the identity that belongs to you alone or faith in doing so will die eventually. How much valuable time and money do you want to waste on gathering knowledge but never learning or understanding how make the change happen in order for life to begin to unfold the way you desire? How much is your life worth? Everything.


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