Do you have too many tabs open in your mind?

Lacking focus? Feeling overwhelmed? Your brain and its circuitry is often referenced to the computer. Because it functions similar. After all, I believe the computer was invented with our marvelous brain.

That being said, you may be feeling this way because you have too many tabs open in the brain. It leads to a cluttered clog as our brain is not as good with multitasking as we would like to think.

Too much social media, old paradigms moving thoughts, issues from the present and the past. Its old ideas running rampant. Its attempting to distract and distort. So what are some things you can do to clear it and shut down some of the tabs so working with your mind can become less overwhelming and more clear?

While it is normal to have thoughts entering our mind throughout our day, they don't need to distract you. Especially when they are thoughts arising from the past that are not serving your highest good. The past is in the past. That's good. Considering that our mind is switching from conscious focus back to unconscious programming, even without our awareness, there is something you can do about it if its becoming a problem.

How do you know if the mind is clogged with thoughts that are causing an inability to focus? Step back a moment. Consider what you have been thinking the last hour. Were your thoughts on your focused desire? Such as tasking work, or was it wondering outdoors to the nearby nature, and at the same time wondering about what the family was going to want to do this weekend as the kids have been restless lately, or that upcoming test result, or what about what to eat for dinner tonight, although you have that seminar online later. Ok. You get the picture. You are multitasking all over the place and absolutely not one of those thoughts is coming to fruition.

If you do not have erratic thought patterns that can be attributed to a medical disorder, then you can create a more orderly mind. Removing what doesn't need or perhaps at times does not need our attention will create space for less overpowering and more motivation.

Reduce your social media time. I know. You have heard this before. But really, whatever did we do without if before? It produces static and emotions, which sadly start adding to our thought patterns and even our self-esteem. Anxiety and depression can start settling in if too much time is spent on platforms that suggest how you should be living, or if you have been lost staying home a lot more through the pandemic and this was your lifeline to the outside world, then it has become a habit. Habits repeated become behaviors, and behaviors repeated start to affect the personality. Repeated negative behaviors that do not serve us well are known as addiction. Monitor your time spent there. Go through and delete accounts that are attempting to bring you down and cause you to think less of yourself because you are comparing yourself to an unworthy source. Start adding accounts that bring you positive selections to help move you forward. Remember, that someone's opinion is an opinion and not necessarily the truth. So, why base your self-worth on this?

Multitasking might seem like its driving efficiency, but its not. Unfortunately research has proven otherwise. Productivity falls when we try to take on too many things at once. Chunk down to what needs your attention now. Give yourself time to complete it fully then move on to the next most important task. Overstimulation by giving the brain too many places to put your thought energy at once is creating mental overload and if you notice, nothing seems to get completed on time except more clutter and a feeling of failure or lack of productivity.

Notice your thoughts. Thoughts are free to move in and out, but if you are spending the entire day sitting with an unprocessed thought from a racing "what-if" or and "if only I had" mindset, you are asking the brain to search for a solution and the same time you have a calendar full of demands and appointments. Let go of the past. Actually, what can you change there? Thinking about missed opportunities, missteps, people that have affected us, where you may have been mistreated is definitely not going to be any help The subconscious mind holds records of the past. Distraction is in the forefront.

You do not need to live life in this way. We all reach periods of overwhelm from time to time. Use the idea to learn to be still, set up your day by designing how you would like it to unfold and throughout the day when those thoughts that race through you attempt to derail that plan, breathe! Yes. This has been also proven, and every human being is doing this right now! The difference is there are 175 spy cells in the brain that their sole purpose is to signal when the breathing becomes short and radical from stress. The brain cannot see outside of your head, so it relies on you to tell it what's going on around you. It can't even tell if the movie you are watching is reality or not! When we become stressed, we go into survival mode. Short erratic breaths which these spy cells relate to as "get ready to flee" there is something driving this response. The body then engages tense muscles and over zealous preparation to run away on command. Did you know many people live most of their lives in this state? That's not healthy.

Catch those thoughts that are attempting to disassociate and pull you away from the day. Step back a moment no matter where you are you can do this exercise. Take a deep breath. Then slowly exhale. While repeating this a few times, it can be discreet no one even has to know you're doing this.

You are just breathing! Be intentional with your thoughts. Intentionally let the stress being felt in the body go. Relax. This really takes less than a few minutes to realize the effect in mind and body. You will feel the body calm and the mind able to return to logic and clarity. The breathwork calms the neurology, and the spy cells are tricked into believing there is nothing here to pay attention to lets calm down. Return to the task at hand. The day is truly yours.

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