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It takes more to challenge self then sometimes you may feel you have courage for. In order to make the improvements that you may want for yourself, it takes the same sort of step forward to do something different, as it does for anything else worthwhile. You may be prone to working out your body, and taking nutritional advice to heart, this is of course all wonderful. But it really is more of a challenge to strengthen the most important muscle of all...Your mind.

Doing battle on a daily basis with something that no one has ever seen is daunting. (the mind has never been seen) So if you cannot gauge your work by stepping on a scale, or using a machine of some kind to determine your improvement, how do you know it exists? Everyday demands come at us constantly on a regular daily basis and we must gear ourselves up for emotional pain, or joy. The brain is constantly processing even while you are sleeping. Knowing this, doesn't it make sense that learning more about the brain would be wise so that you can learn how to become driven to train, motivate, rebuild, and restore the mental muscle that is valuable and much needed for living a healthier life?

Your brain houses the executive function of the body. Without it not must will live on in the body on it's own. 77% of people experience physical symptoms caused by stress. 73% experience psychological symptoms caused by stress. 33% are also living with extreme stress and another 48% feel stress has increased over the past five years.

You will most likely agree this is an unhealthy state. Our brain goes into a detox mode when we sleep at night. It deletes, processes or stores information and decides what must be there for you in order to run efficiently daily. This information input totals somewhere in the 60,000+ pieces of information it is exposed to daily.

As a result, some of us don't sleep very well at night, which results in 48% of you lying awake from the daily stress. How do these numbers go on to determine our results socially?

Well studies suggest 87% are emotionally disconnected as a result and therefore are less productive. 60% of you want a new job because of the unrest at work, while another 54% said stress caused lashing out at others both in their personal life and work environment.

Now that I have your attention, what can be done? Everything and nothing. Everything encompasses doing something more than just thinking about it. Once you decide to take action to strengthen your mental muscle, understanding why we feel this way, how the brain processes information, and what you can do about it comes next, so that you are not held captive to some negative input every day. Once you are armed with the exercise and understanding needed to actually commit to the changes, you will notice a profound feeling that something different is beginning to happen in your life. The preventative care you learn from strategies that will help you manage your thoughts and behaviors will begin to pay you back in great, wonderful, and meaningful ways. Do nothing, and nothing changes.

You are not tied or chained to your negative brain. It doesn't take super intelligence, a gym membership, or lots of cash to build a great resourceful and stronger well trained brain. Change your thinking and change the result. Behavior is not driven by the skills you have, it is driven by your subconscious mind formed by your beliefs, perceptions, and habits that are holding you back even though you do not realize it sometimes it is running it's own internal program in the body. By learning how to navigate your mind and the importance of the connection with your body is when you will learn how to live with brain based awesome power. Brain power for achieving what you never thought possible, successful living, raising your awareness, and upgrading your thoughts. This builds a better and more complete functioning of awareness and it will serve you well as the body then follows your lead. Do you feel like you are ready to feel mentally sharper? Then think of the steps you must take that begin from thinking into doing. A mental innercise if you well.

Become your own mental strategist by making and sending clear decisive directions to your executive control center (your brain) that you will commit to building your mental muscle. Consult with me free and let's begin to create your mental fitness plan. Let's discover, and design your life plan. Stop living someone else's life. If you feel you are doing that, no wonder you feel ill and unsure! Let's discover healthy brain, healthy life together.

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