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Lizard Brain (yes it lives inside!)

It causes some interest, perhaps some denial, but we eventually must accept the lizard brain (reptilian brain) You are familiar with it. It lives in all of we human beings. Neuroscience confirms it, therapist agree that it exists and even use the agreement to explain to patients why and where their behavior, such as the fight or flight response dictates at certain times. You see, according to resources we simply cannot help it.

As Madonna states in her song, "were born that way," Although her song does not reference or have anything to do with our lizard brain. Now before you scream, eeeek!

Let's find out why we have it and what it actually does for us, and yes it is indeed important and useful.

Reptile Brain

The reptilian brain, the oldest of our three brains, controls vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance. It includes the main structures found in a reptile's brain, namely the brainstem and the cerebellum. ... The limbic brain emerged in the first mammals. Hence the name. Actually, this lizard brain is a metaphor for the amygdala, the part of the limbic system which is responsible for processing our emotions, and sets off what you may have heard about before: the fight or flight response.

Now when this part of our brain goes into warp speed, (my friends of star wars) it creates all kinds of issues. Fear, phobic response, anger, negativity, and loss of control over our emotions at the moment.

The cute little video above explains the results of the lizard brain quite well. You really need this part of your brain because it helps you make decision, so it's not all bad. We were built well as human beings. No other creation has all that we are able to learn, do, and create. There really is no reason to hate this part of you, but as you learn to recognize what part of you is creating that critical voice, or creating the sensation that you better get away from there, neuro linguistic programming is so wonderful at being able to recognize, and create a more manageable life using all your parts. That's a very good thing! If you need some help with taming your inner critic, Phenix NLP stands ready to assist. You are now free to move about the jungle!

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