Living life inside a box is not very fulfilling. Yet that is what so many of us decide to live like. Have you ever heard someone state "you are born, you live, you die." Wow. What a defeatist attitude that breeds. So, how do you recycle cardboard thoughts into something more sustainable. The one key thought that comes to mind immediately is "maybe it's not you"

Yeah. Think about that for a minute. Really begin to realize that any resenting of your life may be why you are not satisfied with it. Hmmm. Interesting thought. Sustain and love your life. Now that sounds more empowering and a bit more satisfying. Easier said than done, huh? Well let's start by realizing who you are, and what you want. Then once that desire is built, begin thinking about how to take the responsible action to achieve it. Exciting concept, right? RIGHT.

Got your attention now? Ok let's think about this, "flip the switch" on what you may already have decided is not serving you and decide to do something about it. It may even be something that you will perceive from a different angle for your life. As you are probably aware it takes some sorting out, but if you really begin to think differently, perhaps yes, even somewhat opposite of the internal programming allowed to run now and by encouraging your thinking outside the box may be challenging to your thoughts. However, there is a way.The brain is very good at knowing when to do things, so why don't we consider taking on the responsibility to set up the day to begin in a more sustainable and productive way. Listen, if your desk is cluttered, or if your room or office heck your entire life environment in general is feeling disarayed, that should give you a pretty good clue that something is running amok. It may not be you. It may be lack of knowing how to create and take responsibility for deciding to live in chaos. Yes, deciding. I am assuming your are reasonably sane, and if that is the case you have decided to live life that way, it may also be another choice that you have made. The way someone perhaps has suggested you should live it. In which case, it's becoming their life, not yours anymore. Unfortunately, we take a lot for granted and sometimes feel there is no other way to live. Others, may enjoy living just the way they do and are happy doing so. This is fine for them. Happiness in life is what it is all about. But, for the rest of us, we feel an unrest. The tug that there is somehow more.

You may be scratching your head right now, because you really have no clue how to find out what you need. That's okay. Here are some ideas to ponder.

When you start your day out right, everything becomes organized and then moving through the day becomes a more positive act and becomes less daunting. Accepting the responsibility about what and how you could do better by deciding that you are going to put your life together in a more sustainable way will create a totally new way to go about living it with more joy around it. Once deciding to design your life working from a better frame of reference, begins to reflect on how you think about your immediate environment as things begin to fall into place. Once this occurs you can finally relate to the community or social environment much better as well.

1. Desire it fully

2. Visualize what it is you want/need

3. Bring in the intellect

4. Act to empower self

5. Notice how your new perspective changes your environment and improves relationships too

6.Bring the new perspective into social interactions

7. Go back and beautify the already improved if you feel the need. We are all changing and growing, evolving or stagnating.

It doesn't stop there. It is now almost a pleasure to go back to the newly appointed you, and realize that "hey this is working so much better now." Go back around and improve that model to make it one step better yet. More improved and beautiful. Continue on with anything that you feel needs to come into harmony with your new and improved you!

Everyone is fragmented in some way but once experiencing the flip of the switch and you experience making even better choices for your life you will never want to go back to the old way of living a life of mediocrity. You will also most likely feel amazed that you allowed yourself to believe certain ideas that simply were not true at all. If you have children, begin teaching them that life matters. Allow them to experience the really good things in life that around them now while they are like little sponges soaking up the all the goodness. If you just leave them on their own to experience the negative stuff, they will grow up products of the world and we all know what sort of strong influence that has upon the spirit of living mentally strong. We as imperfect human beings are all searching for something better because the influence of the world has snatched up innocence, goodness, and individuality to some extent. Help them now, to explore who they are inside, and remember that it is important for them to know who that person is before the world forces requirements on them.

Boxed up realities

There are no boxes. There are acceptable, respectable responsibilities for ourselves to live by created by each of us accordingly. True, we are influenced by our biological makeup and environment. To a certain extent our brains are busy filtering out certain ideas that we simply have decided we do not like. We are constantly making decisions (filters) for ourselves based on life experiences deciding if what we are learning makes sense to our uniqueness or not. This is one simple way to explain why we are not all the same. Often, I like to use the word "resonates" as a descriptive default switch to engage the identity of the authentic self. Each individual understands how they have chosen to relate and experience the world depending on our personal make up. If I were to ask a person that is more introverted to push themselves into a more extroverted position of for instance sales, it would create stress, fear and perhaps even more it would not make sense to them. The opposite is also true. Extrovert would find a position that is docile boring.

Not that a person could not be trained to perform, but it would feel uncomfortable. It would not resonate but instead go against the grain of personality. The physiology of the process would not seem normal like to them.

One needs to know who we are, and what we want, in order to comprehend what we need to do to improve our life. We desire to have most anything we truly want, but you must understand how to achieve it. It all goes back to knowing yourself first. By learning this skill early on, you will not become so easily molded into the masses. Being social is good, but accepting someone else's idea about how to live your life just because it is what is currently cool, or eating foods that are cleverly chosen by marketing campaigns that influence us to drop our favorite to decide to swim with the school of fish that are now consuming something else, is a choice. By my thoughts, somewhat ridiculous to drop something you truly enjoy for someone else's decision. Deprivation for sure, and for what cause? Does it make sense, really? That is for you to decide.

Weigh out your feelings. After all, feel is part of the word "feelings." Think for yourself. If you decide not to pursue something because it is not part of the cool kids club, then you may lose sight of something most important, and quite possibly one of the best things in your life. Yes, go after what you determine you want for your life. Bring all the gusto/passion you can manage. Go after it with your all. If you do not make if for some reason, pursue something else. The word failure is so negative, because you have learned something positive from even the worst of the worst. Take the learnings, leave the emotions, and grow. Keep moving forward. The choice for life is to either evolve or stagnate. The choice, and the responsibility to craft your reality is yours to live every day. It's called a purposeful driven life. Which is an entirely whole subject on it's own.

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