• Davidene Bender-Main IMNLP

Don't Rent Your Mind

It's so easy to buy beliefs that we end up eventually creating self-limiting ones. We go about changing the environment according to the beliefs that we purchased from someone else's point of view, perception, or fear and adopt it quickly to also become ours. Same thing when it comes to deciding we must have these external material things in our environment in order to become "happy" Better spouse, new car, best decorator, big house, it goes on and on.

Have you ever imagined that even the richest environment was not successful in bringing the ever elusive happiness to even those we consider the most successful?

Why is that? Determine what you want and truly need for yourself. Be your authentic self. Don't rent your mind out to anyone's idea of what life must be for you in order to

find the happiness that already resides internally.

You realize that the person you want to be is already there. Every answer is hidden deep inside in your original consciousness. You already have all the answers in that treasure of knowledge and great wisdom residing in your heart. All that really needs to happen is to see yourself and believe that you have the ability to remove all the obstacles to access the treasure of wisdom you hold.

Now you can't change the course in time if you are operating on auto pilot which is

experience driven alone, and I didn't say it was easy, but it is possible to control how you react, and how you choose to intercept the beliefs that you hold as truths. You simply cannot allow the mindset to control your life. Consider the present. You can change that right now. Today. Here's a thought. If you are a person that lives in the past, you will become the past and it is also here in the present. Your future is also here in the present, for what you decide today will influence the way you move toward the unknown future. Becoming wiser by crafting what that new future will become according to your orchestrated vision dictated by acquiring the power, energy and body you are craving will bring that positive energy towards you to begin to manifest itself as a new belief that will then go on to empower the thoughts of positive energy needed to make it become your reality.

When you were born, you didn't have baggage of negativities. A newborn is perfect in every manner of life. Pure, and without fear. Innocent and the potential to learn limitless. By the time we reach maturation, we lose this ability and we become enslaved to greed, fear, selfishness, and leave innesense behind in shocking manners. Killing for greed, rioting because we want what we think we need. We begin creating our own wounds both externally, and internally from the experience of living. Our whole purpose is to find the whole purpose to seek reason and truth. Anger is learned. Fear is learned. Anxiety from these states of minds are future paced. We suffer in this reality we create and find little to justify why we were born.

LIfe throws us in all directions. We do not like suffering but this societal reasoning does have some benefits and favors. It begins to teach us real lessons. Makes us stronger, with a heart that begins to understand other's plights along with our own. We are not victims in life. You do have authority over them to make life beautiful as you desire it to become. Most of us are too afraid to leave the comfort zone even if it is negative, to discover the world with a balance of change both what we learn productively through missteps, and difficult choices that did not go in our favor. We cave and forget that we are the master of our own ship. We are capable of creating life embracing the learnings of experiences and using them as a springboard to help us find our true purpose. We are here to help not to fear. We then come to a place of realizing that the world does not control our spirit. We determined our choices in the past. Consider then that you can also determine the future. You mind is capable of achieving but wise enough to know the difference between your true beliefs and the feel good positivities that sound good but do little for us to change our lives. It must happen internally.

At some point in your life, you will desire to connect with the knowledge of understanding that resides internally. That's when we begin seeking to connect with and have a relationship with the driving force that connects us all. No matter what you term it, you see it happening throughout the world. No country is without the image of something powerful that we pray to, seek to bring to our wanting souls. If you find this true, then here is your revelation. It is there inside you now. The dreams, the desire, the confidence and the courage is what is missing. There is NO plan. Life is yours to make it unfold as you wish. If you look, you will find it even in the most impoverished corners of the earth. Money does make life easier. However, there is a spark in life that is lived from those that have little. You know you have heard the stories over the news, or seen people in your own life that are happy regardless of the suffering in their lives. These are the people we should choose to model ourselves after because they have found it. The energy of the soul is not rented out to social media, or the standards set by the world. They have created their own universal passion to live regardless of what the body is going through at the moment. We are energy, and we are a flame, a beacon, and we have a purpose to inspire, lead, and assist. Stop doing what everyone else is doing find your passion and choose to associate and model life after those that know. It all begins in your mind. Disregard your life troubles and know you are a force to be reckoned with right now today.