Designing the inside of your mind

We spend lots of time designing things. Our homes, our walls, the furniture, our backyard, etc. How we choose to live should be of great importance; but the truth is most do not even stop to think about how our decisions affect our outcomes.

Thinking differently, equates to feeling differently. The brain is good at knowing when to do things; which often run on automatic. Once we totally want something to happen for our lives, we remember it. Example: You learn to ride a bike or drive a car. Once you experienced that, do you ever need a refresher course? Probably not. Your wonderful brain makes it possible to take control and create the desired result automatically for you.

Do you realize that it has been determined in research that sadly only 3% of us truly live the life they want. Now please do not get upset. You have options, choices, and decisions to make. That's inspiring, so let's take a look.

An artist sees the painting in his or her mind's eye and then steps up to the canvas to create the painting. The architect must create the design they see in their head and bring it into reality. It must be similar for us to create the results we wish to see. We must go through the process or we choose to live in mediocrity. While that may be fine for some it is not for many. So we spend lots of time and money searching for something. Something that all begins internally, not externally.

It shows up as desire. A feeling, or an impulse that there is more. You probably notice there is something tugging at you and feels unfulfilled. That internal desire for passion, and productivity through creativity. The knowing that there is more. You see, many of us are still deciding that what we can see, feel and touch is all there is. That couldn't be further from the truth. The person that sees the image of what they want in the internal mind's eye, begins to stir a designing process. It's not goal setting. While it is ok and worthwhile to bring goals into our lives, it may be limiting your creativity. The process needed is in the mind first. Try connecting and paying attention to it. If you can see it, step into the vision of it. From there, truly desire what that ideal life you want so badly is truly like. Enough thinking about it then begins to consume your thoughts. Not in a distracted way, but by way of beginning to see the process unfold. You may finding yourself more aware that what you need or want that is part of the vision you designed in your mind starts showing up where it was not seen before. For instance, you may finally see the answer that was right in front of you for months, but you just walked past and did not pay attention to it. Now it shows up right on time and changes to become part of the process by presenting an idea, or keeps you thinking about what would help you create the result you want. Action will then begin as the body will begin to follow to bring the reality to you. Once realized the process of the conscious mind goes to work to qualify. Are you sure you want this? Are you certain it is probable, feasible? How will this make life better?

What is that picture of the desire for your life today. If you want it bad enough, is it obtainable. Once qualified that it is a possibility, the mind will look for ways to create the way for you. Action follows and your results become realized. Think about what you truly want, and create your reality now. The reality is, that there is a possibility of becoming more than you ever thought possible. Even so much more than your thought possible for yourself, that you may not possibly recognize your old self once your new life has substance and direction. Think about who you wish to become today. Everything you need is already inside you in order to arrive at who you truly wish to design your mind to be.

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