Deciding on Excellence

Have you been searching everywhere for something to truly transform your life, but have not found the opportunity to squelch the mediocrity? It's not your fault. The physical world holds lots of opportunity. You are most likely not an expert of life coaching, EFT, Law of Attraction, Self-Development Coach, or the master of any other modality. So it is like most of the rest of the human race. You may have attended many classes or seminars and temporarily come away feeling great, some ideas you will ultimately decide to apply to your life, but then after awhile losing that feeling again after a few days to a week or even a month from now. Heaven knows there is much to be offered and learned out there in the physical world. So how do we decide and begin to know what will work for us?

Let's begin with some facts. Do you know that only 3% of the people on this planet actually live the life they want? People will give a multitude of reasons as to why they are not finding the desired results, or the limitation being labeled as such, "Tomorrow I will" or "I have to wait until I can afford it in a month or two" While these reasons are all logical and reasonable there is no amount of money that can buy what you are searching for and that is deciding to pull up excellence for your life. We spend lots of money on things that do absolutely nothing for us. Now, please let me explain something so there is no confusion. There is no such thing as perfect, and I can hear all of you perfectionist saying, "What?" The truth is you are truly missing out if all you are only focused on chasing after perfectionism. Now I like a job well done also, and things orderly and planned out but remaining flexible and open as well as the next person, but perfect? That's just not real. In fact it's stunts evolution.

To decide on excellence takes some fortitude, commitment, and courage. Do you really want it? How badly? Is it obtainable? My neuro linguistic training goes into inquiry mode. What does it look like to you? How will you know when it is there? I can tell you truthfully that all of these questions will be answered once you decide to become excellent by definition. Old habits give way to new ones, and once you make the definite committed decision to quit talking yourself out of mediocrity, you will learn there were a lot of things you didn't think you could do that you actually did.

In my line of work I am honored to work with all people, from various walks of life that are coming perhaps for a single focused issue. For instance, they may not realize why they cannot appear to excel in life because once they get going towards something they truly desire, then all seems to come to a sudden and revolting halt. They can never seem to get out of that rut or hamster wheel they are running their life on. (this is what is self-limiting beliefs) Once we are able to assess what is actually happening in terms of behavior, perceptions or beliefs, and decide to move out of that old way of thinking and into the new light by choosing to release old habits or patterns of behavior, well off they go! They are happy to be able to apply what they have found to other areas of their life and they are content with this.

There are still two more groups of people. One is deciding that everything spiritual is enough. Seeking out affirmations, meditation coaching and positive thinking is their only goal. This is all great if that is all that they need and want for their life. Their lives are now topped off with spiritual beliefs that will go on then to hold them to more positive and moving views of nirvana for their chosen walk of life. This is all good, but is there more?

Yes. Emphatically, there is. You may hear it as a gentle whisper in your ear, that tells you there is something more, and encourages you to find your gifts both spiritual and worldly and connect them. The grain of sand in your shoe that becomes the problems of your life but you decide to continue to walk on by choice, until one day it becomes almost impossible to walk. When you learn to take off the shoe and give it a shake, you lose the irritation and the amazing result of that is a smile returns to your face, there is no more restriction or pain from the past and life is worth living again. Is it? Is that enough?

The last group of people that I have discovered and worked with are the unique few that have decided to risk it all to achieve the results they want in life. They really get excited about exactly what they want for their lives or at least have a great idea around that concept they are now deciding to seek the most excellent results for their lives. They decide firmly and quickly that this is the major reason why they are here now at this moment at my door. I am pleased and honored to work with all people, going through all stages in life. However, for this group of people, they will stop at nothing to find the how. That answer is in the knowing. The world has a habit of making room for them as they seem to have the ability to communicate even without words and their actions show that they know where they are going. Weakness or fear has not stopped them from seeking, finding and manifesting excellence, and they will question anything that attempts to stand in their way of doing so.

It is indecision that has formed a habit which usually begins in our youth. Our school systems are not aware of how to teach nor encourage this type of definite decision making for our lives. It's no ones fault. As a result, we just begin to rationalize that this is all there is in life, and nothing more. This is good enough, why change it. This has worked well enough, why should we do anything outside of the box, or even dare to think that there could be the perception of excellence.

Have you ever bought a car? If you did, you used your internal cues to create what that car looked like for you. You can see a picture of what you might want to purchase. A car, an suv, a sports car, or something else. You don't know where the money is going to come from, because you do not know what the salesperson will present to you for options, or even what is out there for purchase. Still, you can see it. You desire it. The vision and the thought of finding a vehicle keeps popping up in your mind's eye. You start to do some research, all the time you are making a mental pathway to buying that car. It's going to happen. You will find it. You begin to feel the power of searching through the web to find something like it. Then it begins. The body now follows through as you decide to put into action the concept of possessing that vehicle and begin to create that reality. From there you have found and manifested your car into your new reality. This is a small demonstration of how using the mind and the power of thought to create a reality. While this is an example from the material world, (car buying) the effect is the same universal law in the unseen world. Our perceptions are real to us. We have the power to create our reality in the best possible way that goes well and far beyond the physical world to enter into the non-physical side of human faculties. After all, did you ever stop to consider that you created a negative event in your mind, and it's powerful, but if that is true, then it also might be true that it is just be possible that your wonderful mind could then also create a positive thought, habit or behavior to achieve the most excellent side of your life?

If this all interests or intrigues you, I hope you will seek out more information here, and then choose to decide you are worth the effort of the belief of excellence. It is a real human possibility and everyone with a human brain that is functioning has the power to understand and act upon. Right now, today.

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