By now, you may be aware of the opportunities for self development that are summed up to fall under and be placed in various categories. You will identify some of them as Law of Attraction, Energy Work, Neuro Linguistic Programming, EFT, Life Coaching and so many more offerings. Having experience and understanding as a International Master Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner, Life Coach, Mindfulness, Meditation Coach, and other modalities, I have come to you today to discuss the beneficial work that is being offered by these modalities. I chose to study these different modalities to come to a place of offering the best to people according to what resonates with their internal beliefs, perceptions, and desires to assist them then by creating the magic that will transform and create the life that they are searching for. Sometimes they have been searching for a lifetime and falling short of living the life they did not know they could truly have for themselves. What I provide really is not magic. It just feels that way and it becomes real. When someone is truly able to tune into their frequency of successful living, it feels like magic. They will never be the same. That is a very good thing and is the primary reason I strive to bring the best of the best through an integration of learning what truly works.

I will tell you however, that I have chosen to integrate what I know works from the mind's deepest laws of life. Consider no one has ever seen the mind. There are the best scientists, neurosurgeons and more that must tell you honestly they do not know what the mind looks like. However, we are governed by this powerful energy source confined within our beautiful working brain and is the source of our being. You may not have thought about it all. You may have heard that the whole of science depends on the cause and effect of it.

Life is dependant on the mind and is developed around something we have not been able to see with our eyes. Religion is based on this unseen faith. It can go deeper into the effects of believing something that is not there. However Science says that "if there is cause, the effect follows." Religion on the other hand says the converse is also true: "You can create the effect, and see. The cause follows." There are situations in which you may feel happy. A friend or relative has come to visit, or a love has called you. A situation that has the power to make you feel happy. Happiness then is the effect. The act of coming to visit you and you felt happy as a result, is then the cause. With this knowledge is it then fair to say that we can create the effect and the cause follows?

The magic if you will, comes from the acceptance and knowledge that the brain works with energetic input, thought and function. From the time you are born, you go to work building your unique universe based on what you experience, what thoughts you have and accept to be true, or believe to be true based on your perception of things. From this, behaviors are created. Do you realize that you can create most anything by just thinking about it?

Positive thinking simply means that you are choosing to force the negative unconscious mind and the conditioned conscious mind to create positive thoughts. The trouble with this dubious powerful thinking is that the unconscious is far more powerful, (nine times more powerful and faster) as it conjures up what you wish than the conscious mind to create. Once something becomes locked into the subconscious, it becomes accessible and will show up even more powerful than it was before.

The magic is there, but the trouble is in our ability to believe it. Some people have trouble really allowing the mind to create and evolve. We can listen to method and allow some of the knowledge to become belief for us, but if we have a subconscious block we will not be able to create the magic that you wish to see happen so many will give up on the idea of it. Strong desire is necessary along with powerful belief. Without the proper instruction, understanding, and desire to achieve what you are creating for yourself little will come forth. The mind needs to totally understand, and accept what your intentions are in order for it to begin to bring it for you. Many people lead from thinking about what they desire, and then using some of their intellect to search for the means which usually does not create the desired result totally.

It seems to always becomes a fading or distant memory and sometimes ends up as a negative result (that darn class was a waste of money) if our mind does not see the value in what you are trying so hard to achieve, change or create.

You can keep trying to find the invisible and harness it for yourself and stay in the transitory moment, or you will find the power of what the combined integrative resources will provide information for you to perceive, internalize, accept, and then move into a powerful result. Survival of the fittest now becomes survival of the most fluid. The mind is capable and ready to serve.

You may find yourself stopping from learning valuable life changing lessons simply because you may be choosing to throw up subconscious roadblocks to a new and better choice or created outcome for your life. You may question every principle and belief, and thought around it. What if you begin to realize and learn that powerful decision making tools go on once they are created to provide the way for your life to change dramatically if it is retained and utilized. Once you decide to think differently many things will begin to appear differently for your life and then the opportunity to change the relationship to them increases, that is when the magic truly begins and the idea around habitually worrying, frustration, anxiety, and self doubts and more will begin to change and fade. You are searching for something. Do you realize that you already have what you need to create that for your life? You do. it is universal, powerful, and unstoppable. Find the magic for your life. Stop paying attention to what others are saying,and as a result live the life that they create for you. Recognize and halt external influences that cloud the vision of what's true for you. Every person is unique. Living in their own well designed universe of beliefs perceptions, energy and desires. The truth is we are all tied to a much larger universal law that cannot deny us. We all have the same equipment, ( brain, mind, human body) but we hesitate to unlock the magic for our lives that is truly our divine right.

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