• Davidene Bender-Main IMNLP

The fly on the wall

Have you heard the expression, "Oh I would have loved to be that fly on the wall?" If you have it was usually from a conversation where someone wished they could have eavesdropped on someone else's conversation. Spying on them. Well that is one thought I had while watching a fly on the wall while probably living the last of his life because not only is their lifespan naturally shorter than ours, but the poor thing was trapped here on my wall and would eventually die. Now, please do not feel too badly, if I can catch him or her, I will release them to the great outdoors once more to go do whatever it is that flies do!

The purpose of this morning inspiration was coming at me from nature. I am always inspired by human nature, and mother nature as well. I was thinking about so many people that want to know how to be free. I have told many that I do not give advice, as then you would be living life to my direction. Another trap that would keep you from finding the best life.

The purpose of what thought you could take from our friend here, is that we often act like the common fly. We want more for our lives. We strive to find it spending most of our lives landing on walls. From that perspective, we lose our direction. We keep pushing to escape that wall, or window until we have spent our life striving. We imagine and we also believe that if we push and try a little harder we will come out the other side and be effective in the result. The fly is in a life and death struggle to try harder but it's not working well for it. The fly is wearing himself out trying to be free from the struggle, but the struggle is part of the trap the fly has realized by confining it's efforts. However, I admire the determination that is clouded just now by the struggle to find freedom.

Meanwhile, just a couple of feet away is the door. The fly is not aware of how it got there through that very door it now needs to live. There is nothing logical about pushing against the wall only to find there is no awareness around the possibility of thinking it can escape the demise it has found itself in. Just a fraction of awareness to see the doorway is only a short flight away. What logic is there in continuing on this chosen path. The fly needs a breakthrough. This does not make sense to the fly, but it is insightful thinking for you and I.

The moral of this observation is that it doesn't always work to just "try harder" to achieve living life successfully by more of the same. Sometimes the big part of the problem is in that we feel as if this is all there is. We are doomed to live a life designed, conformed, and inhibited by the wall of life because this is just the way it is. Another phrase on a tshirt I saw recently:

" Life's a bitch and then you die." This hurts. I spend my life helping people find what is there that will light them up based on their unique interpretation of what successful living looks like to them. The possible power for greatness. Stirring the idea of what that wonderful creative mind wants out of life. Inspiring the how will you know you have achieved personal freedom, and what it looks like from your perspective. Now I can waste my breath telling that fly, "hey fly with all of your eyes, do you not see the doorway to your freedom?" I am no different than you, except perhaps in my perceptions on life. I know you are capable of finding that doorway to a better life. For one, you are not a fly, and you have a capable, dynamic human brain that is able to find it. Trying harder may actually be inhibiting your chances. We have brains that send men to the moon. Our brains can create a positive free reality if you use the right tools and use them.

Now, in case you were concerned, I captured that fly and it is now happy flying free outdoors. Do you want to find your expression of personal freedom?