The Zone

The Zone

Lots of people use this expression to describe a total mind-body experience of being tuned in to something extraordinary, or they feel as if they are hyper focused on something or someone. For example, "Tonight when I went running, I was in the zone" I love to see people tune into the zone when I am working with them on their life ways. You see, clarity will bring about all of that. Until you have clarity, you can only think about what you need, want or desire. When you truly make the mental turn into the zone, thats when you will find the action needed, the untethered belief to make your desires and dreams happen. Still many will greatly defend what they hate the most about their life. Fear after all is the fear of the unknown. While fear should be heeded when confronted with harm. It can stop us cold however by blocking us from opportunities that show up as regrets later.

So, what is the zone exactly? Well it's that wonderful internal place where you begin to shut down the critical mind and allow yourself the freedom to focus upon a new possibility, probability, or opportunity and allow yourself to experience the whole thing with all of your body and mind working in perfect harmony. The zone is always there, but few find the benefit that is waiting to be tapped into. We simply do not acknowledge its existence.

Instead we decide to carry around this sack of unproductive, self-limiting beliefs that everyone else has most likely chosen to define how life should be lived. Do you realize you have the potential to think for yourself? You do. Your marvelous brain is full of possible ways to excel, and the wisdom about how to bring what you are looking for.

It doesn't care how much money you have, how pretty or handsome you are, how you dress, where you live, how intelligent you are, what college you attended, where you have been, or how much money you have. It's just simply there. Your mind. Your brain your chosen reality. Your life.

Now you might say, "that isn't true." and I will challenge you to think about that. We hear stories everyday about fantastic people who chose to listen to their internal calling no matter who or what tried to block their path and were able to give their mind the freedom to experience the possibilities, releasing the "what if" theory from a famous childhood classic, "chicken little the sky is falling" set of beliefs that confine us and attempt to define us. They are our modern day heroes like the Steve Jobs, the Stephen Hawkings, of our generation, and we can go back through time to include those like Einstein, and the "ions and ions" of possibilities and probabilities of Carl Sagan's teachings that he shared with the world before social media existed, challenged we all and created an interest in the universe, our very existence, and was open to universal laws of creation and exploration of the unknown.

I personally witness most everyday the struggles of people that come to see me and go on to become clients feeling the internal tug about what they have accepted as true for each but they still question it. What is often uncomfortable for them in their life they have decided to keep, that is until they begin to seek answers. I hear their inner voice so desperately wanting to fly above from the ashes of life. Which is why I named my company Phenix NLP. (Greek spelling). I, too have personally risen from adversities. Some I did not choose, and some that were the product of wrong decisions. I swam up upstream against the current of life and wondered why I did not think the same as some of my peers. I pondered life, not unlike our wonderful strong and determined salmon in the pacific northwest that instinctively make their trek every year against all odds to challenge the adversity in nature and choose to go against the current of what is deemed natural for them, to perhaps dare to listen to their own internal rhythm of what needs to happen in order to become fulfilled. I have experienced many such trials and also some of the traumas of living, some that I wish I had not had to experience, but I am grateful for nonetheless, as those too brought wisdom, strength, open mindedness, possibility thinking, and even an appreciation for being able to become grounded about what is truly important in my life from a different perspective. Having overcome much of my own negative self-talk,(which really is great to pull from) choosing to reset my boundaries, I challenged my internal fear of heights using neuro linguistic programming, and chose ziplining instead. I challenged my fear of drowning, after tragically having the experience of being pulled under water (which I do love water) as a young child wading in a lake from a swimmer that should have known better, but thought it fun to pull a small child underwater without warning, and learned first hand that water was really not the enemy, but the strong fear I learned from the experience was my enemy. It stopped me from enjoying lots of fun with friends, while most went swimming in the summertime. The fear was so crippling for me when I was small, that I feared for a long time, to my mom's frustration, washing my hair under any source of water in the shower, or otherwise without the experience showing up for me again.( The darkness visualized underwater, the taste of that murky lake water, the sound of bubbles of breath as air left my lungs) to courageously deciding how to learn how to and to compete in dragon boat racing, where much of my personal joy, many years later was in reconnection to the water. To compete in a long skinny canoe like boat, sometimes on rapid water in lakes, rivers, and oceans which could possibly tip us over if the boat were challenged to finding extreme joy back into my life. Earning many honorary racing metals and spending time with other team members who were not even aware of just how much those metals truly personally meant to me and signified I had overcome a tragic experience was life changing for me. Now, please know this is not a brag fest, not even a sales pitch to "try my services." It is a testimony for you. To realize that the best is possible for your life and is possibly yet to come if you want it to.

The zone is not something you can buy, it's a decision that you make for your life, a determination, commitment, and a choice to stay focused on the positive you want for your life.That internal "feel good", the high that results from the emotional cocktail of feel good chemicals that our body naturally produces and dumps into our system comes from when we are in the chosen "zone" of life and probably the most life changing, self-motivating, transformational decision you can possibly make for yourself.

How do you go about reaching the zone? By shutting down the negative chatter, by choosing to muster up enough courage, by learning how to access and identify your inner strength that has been talking to you all along, no I rephrase that. Screaming at you all along. The paradox is that we are human, and we tell ourselves nearly every day what we think we want, desire, need. We get pumped up on motivational ads and let down by the negative news. We believe what we do not even know to be true. So we make that our chosen reality.

Often, when I gently inquire, bringing forth forward movement from a possible identified stuck state they may be currently in, I find it interesting when they begin to defend and protect the very reason why they are stuck. Hanging on to those old uncomfortable beliefs and patterns of behavior have gotten them this far through life. It is fearful sometimes letting go of what is not serving them but hindering instead as they have lived with this attachment for so long. They become acutely aware that it will take some letting go of some negative learned behavior and to choose to discard it, once we begin to comprehend there is better way to navigate life and that is by choosing to learn how to live more productively and authentically. It is only after my simple inquiry, "is that enough for you?" when people begin to turn inward for the answer and begin to move forward toward the zone in order to define what they truly want and need to live their life more fully. When someone dares to ask this question of the subconscious, it will respond sometimes emphatically with, "No it's not enough." Is it because they are satisfied with life as it is now. I venture to say, "Hell no." They have come to realize, even to perhaps dare in finding the courage with which to discover, test, uncover, and internally sense that there is indeed something more here to experience than what has previously presented itself. The something they sense must be able to be accessed but the how to get there is missing from their grasp. Your reality is able to become what you want it to be. This is not a cliche, it's truth. You might site your childhood as a reason for your lousy life. I grant that does have an impact, but if you choose to learn from it, observe it for what it was, understand any negative influence from a different perspective then that of a child, it can be quite enlightening. It may even provide some strong insight. If you have no desire to seek more, that is perfectly fine for you.If you feel happy, fulfilled, and content and settled that's wonderful.

Here's another look at this from a different perspective. Are you enough.

"yes most likely you are." Are you the best you can be, and want to be. Probably an emphatic "no." Many of us sense there's more to life. Hence the unease for some. For many, they will go on to live the way they currently believe and perceive, and are content to do so. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever, as it's a chosen perfect option for their life. If nothing feels like it needs changing, great. I'm happy for you.

But if you are constantly hearing an internal, "there must be more to life than this" and " I am going on the search to find it" or an inner voice tugs at you constantly with creative and wonderful ideas about how to make things better for self and others on the planet, or you feel the creative pull to want to make someone else's life better, well my friend you may never feel satisfied until you allow yourself to explore why you are here, in this place, at this time, and for whatever purpose. What if our friends, ( whom I referenced above in this article) decided to believe there was nothing more to life than what they could see. We would be at a great loss as a human race.

One can get past bio markers to recover from past behaviors and emotional tides. You possess what you need to enter the zone right now. Decide to keep moving forward to define what that is for you. Dare to give up the idea that stuffed puppies,magical rainbows, and flipped easy switches for instant self gratification lead to happiness. Challenge the belief that everything, everywhere is negative and your stuck with it. Build upon courage, dare to take some risk. If you fail, get back up, learn from it. Without failure there is no knowledge to experience the difference which is success. Challenge your beliefs, perhaps even your childhood, and ultimately challenge yourself. That's living life to the fullest potential. Tasting it all without regrets from ill fated decisions of the past to living a life you love. The "what-if's" will soon fade to black once you choose to find your zone. You won't find more positive motivation anywhere then that which resonates within the optimized self. It's not in a book, or a CD or even a DVD, or any other temporary self-help program someone wants to sell you. Your zone is internal, alive and well and is uniquely yours. You are not a robot, you are not me, and I am not you. But I know you. You are striving to breathe. Drop the backpack from the life of regrets, and decide to fly free and see what that's like. It just might change the life of others as well, as they strive to learn and from your very imprint right here and right now. You might just make a terrific difference for someone else that is searching. You may not ever become aware of this, or even realize it, but by choosing to live your best life now, will most likely influence, or be the change someone else sees or needs in order to do the same. Now that's a wonderful idea. Find your zone.

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