Mindfulness and Children

Children are tiny adults with big people issues such as anxiety. Gone are the quieter more gentle times that were present when I was growing up. Yes, we still had family issues, but we did feel safe in school and at home. We felt protected by the adults around us and trusted that they would keep us safe in all ways both physically and mentally.

Parents dropped us off or we otherwise arrived by bus or car pool, and trusted the school environment as an extension of our home life. Well, most all of that has changed in today's world. We are busy with our lives. Making a living is difficult, and most households are blended, or produce a homelife that is more complex in lots of different ways. Add in social media, the news, (yes children are always listening) and both parents working, day care, technology enters their lives earlier creating even more connection to the outside world, cyberbullying, and so much more. Gone is the simplicity.

This can lead to some unhealthy coping strategies. I have prepared a simple mindfulness practice exercise for your children. If you wish, you could find some time to participate along with your children to cement the good that belongs back into their young lives by learning how to release tensions and anxiety. With practice, this safe anxiety technique will create a mental muscle for developing much needed coping skills, focus for learning, and release of negative feelings that otherwise can cause distorted thinking and negative behavior. All energy both good and bad flows through us. It is helpful to learn what to do with it. How to manage. What better time to find internal strength and ability to release than when one is young. Learning skills like this can and will have a healthy effect and provide a sense of wellbeing. Find my link below for the exercise for children, and feel free to tell me what you think.

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