Unstoppable for the good of all

If you want to make a difference it all begins with you. Sometimes we allow our own self-limiting beliefs to stop us. Sometimes we may even have a fear around something so wonderful as our own success. After all, being on a mission could fail, we are deciding to take a risk, and to that extent, who told us we had the power to make radical changes in life?

I may be well trained in the field in which I chose to make a difference, but do you think I came across this decision easily? I had to face the same quandaries as you. I had to find the belief internally that it was possible, and make the unknown happen. I am absolutely certain that if you choose to embrace a higher power and mission for your life, then life itself will try to place some obstacles in the way. You will be tested. You may even fail at your own surprise.

This does not mean you are defeated. Be realistic. You are not super woman, or the man of steel. There is no magic formula. You must decide to become unstoppable. Allow me to decipher this a bit further for you. It does not mean running over someone when someone gets in your way. It doesn't mean you have suddenly lost your mind and have become a fanatic who cares about only one thing, and does not care who they step on to get it. It only means you are driven by your unique calling. An unstoppable internal and personal commitment. It becomes more than a decision. It becomes powerful.

It's in breaking away from the flock, and finding your internal calling. It's becoming resourceful, intune, listening to purpose, becoming flexible, creative, fierce when needed, and willing to surrender your agenda when you need a break from it all at will.

I caution this. It also means getting out of your comfort zone. Committing to growth and evolving mentality rather than settling for what is common and robotic. Willing to examine and let go of internal habits that may be stopping you from patterns that are holding you back. Comfort is really overrated anyway.

I feel StarTrek said it best. "Use the force Luke" (finding unknown intuition coming from internal resources) and also Karate Kid Miyagi: "Daniel-san, lie become truth only if person want to believe it." When you step outside of the box you may begin to find you are capable of more than you ever thought possible. You may not even recognize yourself. Working on something that will assist the good of man/woman/society means making stretches and figuring out how to make the inspiration, and meaningful productive work that is then needed to be called upon. From there it now becomes POWER. It may seem unfamiliar at first, but you will feel it immediately that this is the right way to go. I invite you to explore the possibility of being unstoppable. This does not mean just for your business, but in your entire life as well. What would the possibility be for you today? What will you decide to become.It's never too late. Continue the wonderful area of self-empowerment and create leadership of possibly your own flock. You never know where your soaring flight might take you if you give it the opportunity, but you will be certain that is possible and it is all yours. Choose a lifetime of practicing and honoring a deeper commitment to self. Recommit to your unique awareness and find the power to fly for the good of all.

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