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I am often approached about the experience of gaining focus or concentration. Most wonder how to go about it in the first place. Neuro Linguistic Programming by my perception, is a vehicle that will assist in unlocking in the mind by way of perceptions, beliefs and experiences that are creating a viable path to utilize what has been forgotten, misinterpreted, or overworked by ideas that are simply not truisms.

The inquiry is an important one, and can have quite a lot of benefit for the body and the mind and is not limited to neuro linguistic programming itself. I choose to integrate the best information available for others. I took a private oath a long time ago that I must share whatever I learn to pass on to others, as it is in this discovery that others will benefit. For instance, if you are an expert at laying bricks, but no one learns that, it dies with you. How sad. There are lots of people that would love to have known that there was a better way for the craft and could have utilized your ability. Just think of all the ways a great bricklayer could improve the life of others by providing quality bricklaying.

I realize the powerful influence one achieves once they experience what total relaxation does for the mind and the body. It is achieved easily enough. To gain focus, one simply needs to begin to experience the how behind the act.

Your brain is deceptive and runs quite a lot on automatic. We have put experiences in there starting with the day we were born into the real world. So, it has a lot of files to pull from. It is well known that to gain focus and concentration, one must quiet down the overactive critical mind. Now this is not as difficult as one might imagine. It has to do with what you are willing to sacrifice in order to gain focus. There are many of my clients that tell me that it is impossible at first. Why, they simply cannot! Unless there is some other physical or mental reason to validate this idea, then I a would venture to say that if you truly wish to gain focus in your life, you must first experience what that is.

Here is a simple exercise for your brain.

  1. Get comfortable sit straight but not ridgid. Palms up on your lap. Feet flat on the floor and preferably barefoot or sock foot if possible.

  2. Let's calm that mind down. Power down by taking in a deep breathe through your nose and hold it for a couple of seconds.

  3. Breathe out. Exhale strongly anything that is holding you in anxiousness.

  4. Repeat 3-5 times until your mind starts to feel, "hey, I'm really starting to feel this!"

  5. Now in your palms, imagine a nice big orange. (if you do not like an orange, pick a soft rubber ball or something comparable) You can imagine all the aspects of that orange (or other object). Just hold your mind on what it feels like, and see the color in your mind's eye. Does it have any texture, or odor? Nice...You are really thinking about it now.

  6. Squeeze it! Yes Squeeze it hard! Mentally make your fingers into a fist squeezing that virtual orange! That's it!

  7. Now release it...Feel the fingers and the hands go limp. Good!

  8. Now think about your toes. Think of a warm sandy beach the sand is loose. Squish it with your toes. Feel the warm sand squeezing up in between your toes. Thats great.

  9. Release it. Your toes are feeling relaxed. Great!

  10. Now realize. You can do this with virtually every part of your body. Starting at the head and working down, or the opposite direction which is always your choice. Just telling each part to relax. Thinking it away it is ok to relax.

Now what have you just experienced? Open our eyes and recall how good it felt to relax. How it was possible on command to block out the external world and focus first on our hands, then your feet, and if you went farther you experienced the possibility of choosing relaxation throughout your body. If not, hands and feet are a wonderful starting point.

You did this by yourself! Congrats. Now get real good at this, and you will be able to shut down the external with your eyes open at an opportune time just by choosing to do so, at your total command with a couple of exhales. Nice tool huh?

Try it. Practice it. Feel what it is to not only relax but to realize you are not your mind. Thoughts are thoughts, and you have the command not the other way around. Enjoy!

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