The truth about meditation

What is meditation? Is it something you think about? Or is it something you do? From my belief it is simply a reconnection to what you forgot about as a child. I believe we are born with this ability. If you doubt this, take a look into a little child's eye of innocence.

You will find it there.

Meditation is simply a reconnection of what we may have forgotten. The inner peace cannot be conjured up by the mind. It is simply achieved by stillness. Awareness is not something you can think about. By this, I must explain that it is not obtainable by thinking it so. It is obtained by creating it by doing.

Separation from the active mind is achievable. Your brain is able to know it if you decide to simply practice stillness. If you make an attempt to find the peaceful, insightful blessing that comes from meditation, you will find that the current of restorative peace is still there as an underlying current. The source is still flowing, it is only that you may have forgotten.

A child is born. The slate of the memory of life begins. It is from this point on we begin to lose our concept of self. We are learning and now slowly lose the innocence as we become more of what life demands, our beliefs from those experiences, and society puts upon us. No longer are we the person we were. However, all is not lost.

Going out anywhere most places you are needing to drive or hitch a ride with someone or someplace. You will notice there is lots of traffic. The traffic zooms past as you move through it to arrive at your destination. This is what the mind is like. Moving, moving, heavy traffic even at night while you are resting, it is busy deciding where to file the thoughts of the day, and getting ready for what you must take care of tomorrow. There is no peace in the mind.

By learning to re-create the silence and creating a no traffic zone if even for just a few moments, you will find you will become like a bee looking for the nectar of a nearby flower. You will crave the slowness of the mind, and the silence that it restoratively provides to want more than just a few moments. The brain remembers. You are not your mind. The distance will grow between the experience past to become more pleasant peace. No mind. Just pure consciousness.

If you would like to learn meditation, or want to know how to grow your awareness, please contact me further. I am ready to assist when you are and wherever you are.

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