Do you believe everything you hear?

It has been stated that "everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth"~ Marcus Aurelius

As an International Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, I have had the pleasure and great opportunity to work with clients that have presented to me issues that are similar in nature, and also those that are in itself quite uniquely crafted. Hearing, seeing, kinesthetically feeling, perceptions, beliefs and more are as unique as we are ourselves. Although a common thread about how we process information exists, we are as unique as the beautiful snowflake that you may be in contact with this at this time of year depending on where you live. Beautiful, and unique in nature, the snowflake still contains six points always, or you may describe them prominent edges. So it is in nature for us. We are designed human beings in that we function very much the same, but yet we, like the snowflake are very unique.

If we learn to live our lives by believing everything we hear, we will live a life of fear, anxiety, disbelief, dissatisfaction with life, along with a point of view of our world that may lack lots of possibilities. I would like to propose, as in the opening statement I placed in the heading of this post, "everything we hear is an opinion," pretty much I find this is true in itself. It is not in our genetics alone that determine what we choose to believe. It is indeed in what we choose to filter, to accept, what we choose to discount, dismiss or in the personal experiencs we have in life that helps to form what and who we will become as a person.

I like to present my thoughts on things like this, because it is my hope that you will question, as I have also questioned the perceptions to a point and the beliefs that I hold and make known to self and others. Why do I believe something that I may not have experienced myself? Is it indeed fact, truth or is it only my own neurology about what I define for myself to be true? Is it indeed my truth, or is it someone else's idea that I have chosen to adopt? It is amazing to me how we hear something, and without even questioning or having all the facts we allow it to enter our psyche to become our truth. This in turn goes on to guide us through our lifetime. Have you ever stopped just out of plain fun to challenge why you believe something to the point of defending it?

Have I got you wondering now? Great! I love to stimulate thoughts. Have fun with wondering a few things. Do not judge yourself, but instead humor yourself into a few moments of wondering why you belief what you do. It can be fascinating to discover just what we have learned to accept as truth or fact. Until next time, enjoy the quandry, the depth of who you are, and what you believe.

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