Hello and welcome. I am your holistic International Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. I want for you what you want for yourself. It provides me with great satisfaction and pleasure to witness the change in people's lives for the better. It is a priviledge and honor to assist. I do not take your inquiry lightly. You see, when I went through the training, I too had issues and experiences that led me down a similar road that you may now be standing on also. I wanted and knew there must be more to life than the negative past I was holding on to. I applied NLP to my own neurology first. I know that it works. I no longer bring my past into my future as a result.  I want to remove the stigma that society has created around seeking assistance, that prevents them from becoming the best they can be. There is nothing shameful about  choosing to live a life more fully. 

I am satisfied when I see the face of my clients change and transform from that of fear, failure, anxiety etc to become the confident purpose driven person they truly desire and are meant to be.  Living free from external preoccupied, preconceived notions,  self-limiting beliefs, untrue stories that we sometimes believe about ourselves that are just not accurate and become blocks to happiness and internal freedom. Most often these beliefs lack truth. We will look within and answer the difficult questions.

Your courage, honesty, patience, and willingness to share are among the reasons why I have committed and chosen to do this for my career.

 I celebrate you. Let's get started. Decide today, right now to start living a life created more positively from this day forward. ~


Davidene Bender-Main IMNLP,



Integrative resources derived from verified modalities that have truly improved the lives of others


Master Level NLP Practitioner, Meditation Coach, Mindfulness Based Strategy Coach, Brainwave Expert, Eye Movement Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Master Life strategist, Published Author & Contributing Author 

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