Hello and welcome. I created my private practice, Phenix NLP to emulate the mythical phoenix bird taken from Greek mythology that was regenerated and born again rising from the ashes by associating with the sun to obtain its newly recreated life. The reason I felt a personal alignment with it is to to proclaim that you too are able to change what needs changing by choice, in order to become more than you could ever imagine possible by choosing how you will now decide to relate and think about things going forward from where you are today in life. You see, you cannot change the past, but you can change how you think about it, and take that wonderful wisdom back into the future with you from now on. With an uncluttered mind, there are unlimited possibilities. The strategies I teach to you and others like you have had profound effects on people providing internal healing and movement forward to realize lasting change. We are marvels when it comes to discovering that research into brain function and biology presents options to create massive transformations for our lives. It is through this powerful knowledge that has touched so many people that I have worked with at Phenix NLP, to become humbled at their accomplishments. Chronic limitations that were holding them back from enjoying life all because of old conditioning or old paradigms of programming that caused them to think less of themselves or limited in their way of thinking about what is possible for their life. Here in this place, it's not about your intellect or ego. Its about your emotional intelligence. We all have a genius brain. We just need to know how to tap into and upgrade the mind. I believe you can learn this. I believe you are able to create the life you desire. After all, did you not create the life you are currently living? Decide where you are now and where you want to go next. Are you still setting fire to the ashes of yesterday, or rising above them and evolving? You always have a choice.

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I'm a master life strategist

Often we perceive someone that is practicing in the mental health healing arts as a person that must have everything together in their own life. I would like to share with you that we are all a constant work in progress. Even the most prominent human beings have times that they feel issues we all do but perhaps just in different ways. You must discover knowledge, and then direct and use it in order for any change to manifest and take place internally. From there, you must watch for your own natural cues that will question, challenge and try to take you back into old paradigms. When one practices and lives by what they have accepted as truth and decides to adopt a new reality for themselves, old habits, bad thoughts, anxious moments, and stuck states become less and are able to be handled with the new upgraded mind. Thinking clearer allows one to move more quickly between emotional states of mind to manage and create new and better habitual patterns. The good news is you have created most of the reality you are currently using. Not all of that needs to change. There are some very good adult coping skills learned even in the worst of times, that become quite useful now once you are able to notice and identify the benefit and then understand how to separate it from the emotions. Knowing how to use these mental life skills successfully will steer you into a life desired. Are you ready? I know it works, as I too needed to know how to turn negatives into positive motivation. You always have a choice. Nothing stays the same. You are alive only now in this present moment. Make the best of everyday, each day. Realize and connect with your true self.


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