Online Epic Mind Training

Let me teach you how to run towards your life not away from it due to old paradigms. You already understand the "whys" of your life, now discover the how. I will train you how to:

  • Shift habits, perceptions, and ingrained unconscious programming

  • Transcend past pain to creating more joy in your life

  • Change thoughts and feelings to think beyond what you thought possible for your life

  • Prime and engage your brain so you can begin to envision your self-created future

  • Use calm states to change your mind, manage, direct, and create your new reality by becoming the master of your own programming


Master Practitioner

I studied and then became a master of neuro linguistic programming twice over. Why twice? It was important to me that I was proficient in my studies and applied the concepts to my own neurology before I attempted to engage others with the information I had learned. It is the best discovery I ever personally embarked upon in my own life. Once I became a double master NLP, I began seeking even more knowledge for a well rounded opportunity for all to benefit from. I am accomplished in many modalities in order to pull helpful integrative strategies from each of those and make them become easily assimilated for others to use. From the fields of pure brain science, hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming, metaphysics, meditation, mindfulness, quantum physics, and energy work in order to teach you how to delve into the depths of mind to reveal the connection between belief, perception, energy field, metaphysics, quantum physic theory and the mystery of life strategy, in order for you to feel the change and become more empowered in your own life. 


Individual sessions are held virtually, by phone or in office


Hypnosis for single focused results, or in tandem with a designed individual program


Are you the master of your own internal programming? Master self, and create the life you truly want to live

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