"Rising Above"


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I'm your holistic Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. Nothing needs to stay the same. Let's explore the possibilities for your life.


I use virtual therapy with wonderful positive results wherever and whenever you are ready


Decide to work on a single focused issue or take a deeper dive into your psyche by working one on one with the Master Practitioner


Neuro Linguistic Programming

The path to Emotional Freedom


 more intelligent

Improve your emotional intelligence. Utilizing the best of Neuro Linguistic Programming principles, tools, and strategies along with integrative resources from other successful researched modalities in order to arrive at what will work best to achieve and reach the desired outcome. Exploring together, we identify what is driving negative behavior or feelings that you are experiencing presently. This will create a better understanding, and strategic professional direction on the individual level, to provide the opportunity for key management or possible eradication of the issue to provide the client with incredible transformational awareness that will likely motivate away from any negative triggers to finding a more positive solution instead. This is not a quick fix that will leave you in a day or two. If the client accepts and practices the tools and strategies provided, it will become a way of life for them which brings about the change and empowerment they are seeking, permanently, once and for all. Emotional intelligence is very different from intellectual skills. Providing a different point of view, choices for living a life optimized are realized and possible. You do not need to have a high IQ to be able to manifest and realize a full and value driven life.


Which way are you headed? What path are you on?

Are you standing in the way of living a life optimized? 

End Self Deception

Become Crystal Clear